Hombu (Magnetawan)


Hanshi Bill Hind (9th dan) is among the most senior living practitioners of Goju-Ryu in Canada, having studied for more than 50 years. He has trained with some of the most prominent figures in Goju: Bob Dalgleish, Benny Allen, Cezar Borkowski, Richard Kim, Meitoku Yagi, and others. In addition to Goju-Ryu, Hanshi holds black belts in Shotokan and Chito-Ryu, as well has having studied multiple other martial arts extensively. He is a master of Tai Chi Chuan and Reiki, having studied each for 50 years and 40 years, respectively.


(705) 387-1052
1033 North Whalley Lake Rd
Magnetawan, ON P0A 1P0